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Nicola Jain Collections to Create the NZ Breeder of the Year Trophies September 17 2020

One of the reasons I've been rather quiet lately (and rather busy) ūüėĀ

Takapoto Estate Show Jumping Trophy March 09 2019


Takapoto Estate Bronze Trophy by Nicola Lewis
Introducing the flying stallion (Check-In 2) ridden by New Zealand’s highest ranked female rider Samantha McIntosh. This bronze was commissioned by Mitch and Kate to be the main trophy for the Gold Tour Final (1.5m) event at their amazing show jumping showgrounds at Takapoto Estate Show Jumping right here in Cambridge. 

Feeling incredibly grateful to have been asked to create such a piece and so very pleased with the end result. 

Read more here:

Photos: Ana Rattray Cheleken Photography

Artist Nicola Lewis with Samantha McIntosh and Kate Plaw beside Takapoto Estate Show Jumping Bronze horse Trophy


NZ Horse & Pony Magazine Feature 'No turning back' September 05 2016

Definitely no turning back for this artist!!  

What an amazing feature and means so much to have an article in a magazine I have grown up with.  Thank you NZ Horse & Pony Magazine!! 

NZ Horse & Pony Article Artist Nicola Lewis

NZ Horse & Pony Article Artist Nicola LewisNZ Horse & Pony Article Artist Nicola Lewis

Vavasour Clay Sculpture Work in Progress Week 5 August 26 2016

Vavasour Sculpture Work in Progress Week 4 August 26 2016

Vavasour Sculpture Work in Progress Week 3 August 26 2016

Vavasour Sculpture Work in Progress Week 2 August 26 2016

Vavasour Work in Progress Week 1 August 26 2016

 Zabeel to reside with Sir Tristam in her Majesty the Queen’s Art Collection May 24 2016

Once again so proud to be following in my father’s footsteps!!

Last week I received a letter on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen stating that my sculpture of Zabeel will be accepted into her private art collection at Buckingham Palace and will stand alongside my father‚Äôs sculpture of Sir Tristam. ¬†She mentioned that she ‚Äúis delighted to have the magnificent, limited edition bronze sculpture‚ÄĚ. ¬†

I'm blown away and super proud, what an amazing accomplishment for this little artist from down under!!!

Zabeel & Sir Tristram in bronze

Nicola Jain Lewis letter from The Queen

Introducing - Winston the French Bulldog!! (Doesn’t he look dashing!!) May 11 2016

I had the privilege last week to meet with Winston’s daddy Mr Joseph McClendon III.  Where I had the opportunity to give Winston to his family.  This bronze sculpture is bursting with fun and character just like the lovable French bulldog breed.  Everyone that lays eyes on him just can’t help but smile and laugh!!

Joseph McClendon III & Nicola Lewis with Winston

I must say it was a bit sad seeing him go as he brought such a positive, amusing presence to our home, but I have some great news!! Winston the French bulldog will be available to purchase!! We want others to also enjoy this little fellow!!

Plus 10% of the profits will go to help other French Bulldogs!! They will be donated to the French Bulldog Rescue organisation (

If you would like to purchase the bronze French bulldog or would like to discuss a personal commission of your own simply send me a message.  

And the family are very happy indeed!! Watch video from Joseph HERE

Current WIP - #ProjectWinston January 12 2016


I'm very excited that I get to sculpt another amazing animal. Winston the magnificent will be sculpted in clay then hand cast in bronze.  What an adorable little poochie!! 

Who is Winston? Watch him on YouTube!! Click Here and Here and Here - He's famous just like his daddy Joseph McClendon III !! 

¬†Follow the progress on my Facebook Page ‚Äď Simply Like my page and get updates!!

 #ProjectWinston Stage 1Stage 1: Create armature and immerse myself in all things Winston!!

  Stage 2: Start building up the body using small balls of clay (while getting a tan!!) 

#ProjectWinston Stage 3Stage 3: Keep on going, building up and defining as I go.  Plus have FUN!! 

#ProjectWinston Stage 4Stage 4: Continue having fun in the sun!! and yet more building up!! This little guy is chunky! 

 Stage 5: Refining the features, muscles and ummm fat!! Working away alongside my little girl!!

 Stage 6: Finishing touches!! Soon he will be off to the foundry!! 

Remember to follow the progress click here!! 

Proud to Present Champion Sire Zabeel!! October 22 2015

Champion Sire Zabeel hand cast in Bronze, mounted on a black granite base, strictly Limited Edition - endorsed by Sir Patrick Hogan