Happy New Year! January 03 2015

What a year it has been, jam packed full of highs, lows and everything in between!

Here is a quick recap on the past 12 months: Zabeel, Zabeel, Zabeel and then some more Zabeel!! The year got underway with great excitement as I started my first sculpture.  My talented father Rick Lewis came from Ireland to help me with the initial stages, then it was left in my hands.  What a journey it has been, countless hours studying pictures and anatomy books, timing my sculpting around my daughters sleep (thank goodness she’s a great sleeper!), nervously presenting him to Sir Patrick Hogan, successfully getting the big tick of approval!! Damage caused by the foundry, many sleepless nights fixing him to then have him damaged again by the foundry.  Now more determined than ever to get him completed in bronze standing proud alongside his dad Sir Tristram! In between trying to be the best mum ever and working on Zabeel I have built and launched my first website, jumped into the pool of social media and blog writing.  Sold some prints and paintings, completed some new works, had a relaxing family holiday to Fiji, had an outstanding adventure in Sydney with Tony Robbins, had many wins, losses and learned a multitude along the way.  A major lesson learned this year is that my perceived failures are not failures at all, they are my stepping stones to success, get up and keep on going!! Top creative goals for next year will be to get back into the china painting now that my daughter is older.  Complete two more sculptures and of course to complete Zabeel!! What a wonderful and wacky year, thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me and a ginormous thank you to my partner Luke!!  I wish everyone an exceptional New Year!! xx