Trying out new ideas!! August 16 2015


One of those random sparks of creativity has turned into something quite FUN and addictive!!

Incorporating hand drawing with digital image creations!! The inspiration for these cute little characters came from my two year old daughter. I wanted to create a series of prints for her room, something fun and colourful.  One of her very first words was balloon so I wanted to incorporate these into the images plus they would add the pops of colour I had imagined.  She also already has a love of animals.

These prints were created in a few different stages, first the pencil drawings, then ink drawings, creating the digital balloon images, scanning the ink drawings and putting all the pieces together.  The first was the bunny and balloons, I felt immense enjoyment creating him that I went on the draw the mouse, then the elephant and finally the squirrel!! 

This is something I have never attempted before and it was so freeing to just let go and have some fun exploring!!  But rather addictive as now I think I need to add a few more little cuties to the collection may a baby bear, puppy, kitten …… :-)