Current WIP - #ProjectWinston January 12 2016


I'm very excited that I get to sculpt another amazing animal. Winston the magnificent will be sculpted in clay then hand cast in bronze.  What an adorable little poochie!! 

Who is Winston? Watch him on YouTube!! Click Here and Here and Here - He's famous just like his daddy Joseph McClendon III !! 

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 #ProjectWinston Stage 1Stage 1: Create armature and immerse myself in all things Winston!!

  Stage 2: Start building up the body using small balls of clay (while getting a tan!!) 

#ProjectWinston Stage 3Stage 3: Keep on going, building up and defining as I go.  Plus have FUN!! 

#ProjectWinston Stage 4Stage 4: Continue having fun in the sun!! and yet more building up!! This little guy is chunky! 

 Stage 5: Refining the features, muscles and ummm fat!! Working away alongside my little girl!!

 Stage 6: Finishing touches!! Soon he will be off to the foundry!! 

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