"Crease" Horse Print


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Limited Edition Print taken from the original gouache painting by Nicola Jain Lewis.

Edition of only 80.

 I believe that each piece of art comes with a piece of the artist energy. Why is it there are some works of art that resonate deep within, that you could look at for hours, that fill your with emotion, that you just have to have.

I have worked for hours upon hours producing a masterpiece in a blissful meditative state, leaving some of that state behind.

Therefore I have hand finished each print to leave a little imprint of energy making each one unique.


Print Only: 400x500mm

Mounted: 440x540mm

Mounted with fame: 470x570x38mm

 Wondering about the title of this piece? Unfortunately the original painting was damaged (creased) while being framed, so now whenever I look at this image the crease comes to mind. 

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