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Hi, I'm Nicola

I was blessed to grow up in a household with an abundance of creativity.


Having a world renowned artist father Rick Lewis teaching and guiding me on one side and an immensely talented mother Sharon Turton on the other.  I was destined to create and pursue a career as an artist.  However this was not always so, a lack of confidence and belief in my abilities kept me behind a desk for many years until enough was enough the burning desire to grab hold of my dreams and jump into my destiny became too great to ignore any longer.

I was a dedicated and efficient employee and very good at my work but my heart was not truly in it anymore, so I finally decided to step up and take massive action.  In September 2011, I was a CFO living in New Zealand by November I was an artist getting lost in the wilds of Ireland!! I moved to Ireland and transformed my life!  While there I learned a dying artistic technique from a true master painter, my father. I started an exciting apprenticeship and spent the next ten months immersed in the craft of ceramic painting.

I hold the time I spent in Ireland very close to my heart, not only did I became an artist and create wonderful memories with my father I found my inner self, freed my spirit and started living my destiny! I’m so glad that I had the courage to spread my wings and soar out of my comfort zone.

When you know your destiny and stand in your own truth you invite your life to unfold in ways you have never even imagined!! I am sharing myself and my art with the world and I am so grateful for every second of it!!

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