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I would love to work with you to create an original one of a kind commission.  I produce both sculptures and paintings. 


Commission work is my passion, I do so enjoy creating special personal pieces for my clients and knowing that they will gain much joy from them for many years. Often pieces are also passed down from generation to generation.


I work with clients from all over the world and can produce sculptures of all sizes (from 2cm to 2000+cm!). 

Below are some of my previous works.

Small Breeder of The Year Trophy

Large and miniature bronze sculptures of a foal created for New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Association. 

Bronze Foal Trophy by Nicola Jain Lewis.jpg
Photo 28-08-22, 11 22 20 AM.heic

New Zealand Bloodstock Trophies

Bronze mare and foal trophies created for New Zealand Bloodstock for the NZ Bloodstock Filly of the Year awards. 

A miniature was sculpted from their original bronze trophy. 

NZTBA Sterling Silver Trophies

Sterling Silver Stallion trophies created for New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Association annual awards. 

Photo 15-08-21, 12 44 43 PM_edited.jpg
Photo 3-09-21, 11 13 58 PM.jpg

NZTBA National Breeders Award Trophies

Racehorse and jockey  bronze trophies created for the

Annual Group 1 winners. 

NZTBA Trophies

Eight Carat New Zealand Broodmare of the Year Trophy 


Sir Patrick & Justine, Lady Hogan NZ Breeder of the Year Trophy

Large bronze trophies plus  miniatures created  for New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Association.

TR2 (16).JPG
Stallion Sculpture by Nicola Jain Collections

The Flying Stallion

The flying stallion (Check-in) ridden by New Zealand’s highest ranked female rider Samantha Mcintosh. This bronze was commissioned by Mitch and Kate to be the main trophy for the Gold Tour Final (1.5m) event at their amazing show jumping showgrounds at Takapoto Estate Show Jumping.


Carmen the beautiful Spanish mare. A private commissioned piece sculpted then expertly cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax process by. The white / grey patina on this piece is oh so striking and so stunning. I love this piece - she stands out that’s for sure!

Spanish Mare Sculpture by Nicola Jain Collections
Labrador Sculpture by Nicola Jain Collections


A beloved family pet Labrador named "Jack".

This gorgeous boy is sculptured in clay and immortalised in bronze.


A beloved family pet Fench Bulldog named "Winston".

Dear Winston was sculptured in clay and immortalised in bronze. 

Winston Sculpture by Nicola Jain Collections
Cowboy Painting Nicola Jain Collections

Birthday Gift

Hand painted gouache framed painting titled "cowboy". 

This piece was for a 60th birthday gift.

Hamilton Lake

Hand painted commission on a fine bone China tray depicting the view from this individual’s home on Hamilton Lake. This painting was completed after having twelve kiln firings.

Hamilton Lake Painting by Nicola Jain Lewis
VBronze2 (1).jpg


Racehorse "Vavasour" (Katie) and jockey Danielle Johnson. Sculpted in clay and hand cast in bronze.

One of a kind

I love to create one of a kind artworks that can be produced for album or book covers. Here is a one of my favourite unique creations.

Artist Album Cover and Book Covers by Nicola Jain Lewis
Black-capped Chickadee painting by Nicola Jain Lewis

Black-capped Chickadees

Pair of black capped chickadees on cherries painted using gouache.  This commission was requested after the individual had purchased another gouache painting of mine and wanted a pair of paintings.

Looking for a one off unique piece?
Get in touch to below to enquire about a comission!

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